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Do you want to know the characteristics of sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification

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The compression system of sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification unit introduces a two-stage single acting compressor with foreign compression technology. The compressor can directly compress SF6 gas into liquid state for storage in SF6 storage tank (or use auxiliary refrigeration compression storage), realizing oil-free rapid recovery of SF6 gas. At the same time, the vacuum pumping system adopts a two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, which has a fast vacuum rate and is equipped with a device to prevent oil returning.

The characteristics of sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification unit are as follows:

1. The column level gauge can be used, and the SF6 level indication is intuitive and accurate. The sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification liquid level has a clear backlight indication.

2. The liquid storage container is equipped with a high-power SF6 vaporization electric heater. When in use, it automatically controls the temperature so that SF6 can be fully vaporized and inflated externally.

3. The imported oil mist filtering system ensures that the oil content reaches the standard. The compressor lubricating oil shall not be added within one year, and the oil level shall not drop.

4. The molecular sieve drying system has reliable performance. The molecular sieve for sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification does not need to be disassembled, disassembled and replaced during regeneration. It is convenient to use. Only the molecular sieve dryer needs to be self regenerated, and the drying performance can be restored as before.

5. Sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification shall be applied to vacuum and pressure working conditions to ensure no leakage of vacuum and pressure. It is a special ball valve for both vacuum and pressure.

6. Customized phase sequence protection device can withstand voltage up to 500V, greatly improving reliability.

7. Three phase five wire power supply, more safe and reliable.

8. The flow chart can be drawn on the panel, which is convenient and intuitive to operate. Ball valves are used for all, and the opening and closing states are clear.

9. The sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification unit is air-cooled and mobile, which can be used without water source.

10. The vacuum gauge is a digital display Pirani vacuum gauge. High quality casters, easy to move, do not hurt the ground.

The above is a summary of the advantages of sulfur hexafluoride recovery and purification.

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