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Application of Liming sulfur hexafluoride

Published on:2018-12-03 Click:26


Liming sulfur hexafluoride is a gas under normal temperature and pressure, and is a high-pressure liquid after bottling. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic and nonflammable. It has good chemical stability and thermal stability. In recent years, gas has become more and more important in many production technology fields.

Liming sulfur hexafluoride is a special gas urgently needed by many departments such as scientific research and production in China. It is used in plasma etching process in semiconductor industrial towel and as spacer dopant in optical fiber manufacturing. SF6 gas is also an important laser material and has important applications in other fields.

In TFT-LCD panel plants and other microelectronic industries, Liming sulfur hexafluoride is commonly used as a cleaning gas and an etching gas. In the production process of optical fibers, sulfur hexafluoride is also commonly used as a dopant for the isolation layer of single film optical fibers.

In addition, it should be noted that sulfur hexafluoride gas and decomposition products in electrical equipment react with insulating materials to generate some toxic products. For example, insulating parts such as epoxy phenolic glass fiber cloth board (rod, tube) containing silicon; Or epoxy resin casting parts, molded parts, porcelain bottles, silicone rubber, silicone grease, etc. filled with quartz sand and glass play a chemical role to generate SiF4, Si (CH3) 2F2 and other products.

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