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Content introduction

The type and concentration of impurities in sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas in high-voltage switch are affected by many factors, such as operation time, breaking times, micro water content and impurities in fresh gas. After long-term operation in the equipment, SF6 gas will produce some toxic decomposition products under the action of water, electric arc, etc. The recognized gaseous products mainly include HF, SO2, SOF2, SO2F2, SF4, H2S, etc. The solid decomposition products include SiF4, AlF3, CuF2d, etc. If this gas is directly discharged, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment. Therefore, we must recycle and purify the waste sulfur hexafluoride gas in order to reuse it.

The SF6 waste gas drawn back to the factory is replayed into the sulfur hexafluoride gas production system. After a series of purification processes, such as high-temperature cracking, dust removal, water washing, alkali washing, adsorption, low-temperature distillation, it will be thoroughly purified to meet the new gas standard.